Tribute to my Old Mother Death

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Pierre Pinoncelli
Pierre Pinoncelli
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in Chroniques niçoises II, 1990
Pierre Pinoncelli

First Pierre Pinoncelli is seated on a tennis umpire chair outside of the gallery, furnished with sparklers. He is dressed in his death costume (black clothes, skelton’s mask, large sombrero) and on 3 meter high stilts. Then, he turns like a dervish, writes the word “death” on the wall and on a canvas that he then lacerates, he slaughters and plucks a chicken. The action concludes with the use of a big toy gun with which he “blows up” his head, death by suicide.

Pierre Pinoncelli | photographie de la performance "Hommage à ma vieille maman la Mort", 1975 | © Pierre Pinoncelli - ADAGP, Paris 2012 | photographie : © DR | courtesy de l'artiste