The Straight Line and its Trace

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Bernar Venet
Bernar Venet
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GOLDBERG Roselee, PEDRINI Enrico et SAUSSET Damien (dir.), Bernar Venet: Performances, etc. 1961-2006, Milan, Editions Charta, 2006, 248 p.

The straight steel bar, about five meters long, is hung from a cable against the wall. Even though it was just covered in paint, I take hold of it with my hands to “give it a tour” of the wall. A field of possible movements is mine for the choosing that I will explore with hard-to-predict results, with chance playing a role in creation. A technique poorly controlled conditioned by the uncertainty of the action, the visual results are different each time. We can think of a sort of action painting where what is eventually proposed is a part of the object itself, but also the object as a tool, so that the trace stays on the wall, evidence of the steel bars successive movements. Work without skill or tangible record of this artistic action.

SAUSSET Damien, La ligne droite et sa Trace in GOLDBERG Roselee, PEDRINI Enrico and SAUSSET Damien (dir.), Bernar Venet : Performances, etc. 1961-2006, Milan, Editions Charta, 2006, pp. 212.