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Sales Gosses (Antonio Alvarez, Denis Martinel, Yves Fournier)
Solange Nougué
Sales Gosses (Antonio Alvarez, Denis Martinel, Yves Fournier)
Sales Gosses (Antonio Alvarez, Denis Martinel, Yves Fournier)

Sales Gosses | Extra-Balle - TMC, 1986

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Film monté numérisé de la série de performances des Sales Gosses (Antonio Alvarez, Yves Fournier, Denis Martinel) réalisées sur le plateau de l'émission Extra-Balle dans les studios de TMC.
© Sales Gosses
Courtesy Sales Gosses.
Portage sur le web réalisé par la Villa Arson.


For a year we constructed the sets of the show Extra Balle live during recordings. We also were able to produce a 4-minute long black and white film entitled Mardelow that was broadcasted. It was a parody of credits (Metro Goldwin Mayer). The completely cardboard set had speech bubbles held by poles, desks, blinds, a typewriter, a table, and a revolver, all cardboard. Boulémé comes on stage and tells the sleuth Mardelow that some guy is throwing balls at everybody. Mardelaw realizes in a flash that Boulémé is actually Méléboul. He undresses him unceremoniously. Without his suit, Boulémé (Denis Martinel) becomes Méléboul (Yves Fournier) in prison garb with two balls in hand, ready to throw. Mardelow’s secretary shoots at him. Mardelow philosophizes in front of the blinds, a bubble above his hat…END