Night for the Brave

Guignol's Band (Frédérik Brandi, Kristof Everart, Marcel Bataillard)
Guignol's Band (Frédérik Brandi, Kristof Everart, Marcel Bataillard)
Guignol's Band (Frédérik Brandi, Kristof Everart, Marcel Bataillard)
Ten years ago, a series of short performances on the theme of Independence Day in Hong Kong had impressed the audience, underscoring the importance of the volcanic social function of the happening. A completely different and equally singular historical occasion, the celebration of the 90th anniversary of the 1918 armistice, caused us to reactivate this creative formula, sometimes provocative, always pleasing and attractive. The main events of the conflict, the characters, objects, techniques, ideas - the great book of what was supposed to have been the last war ever was leafed through chapter by chapter, always privileging the margin. Works produced: She is hot... Advertisement comparing the art of War, scarred faces, prostheses, dummies, dolls... A classic procession from the Guignol’s Band, with mincing knife and in three interludes + excerpts from Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the End of the Night) and songs by Céline, Chemin des dames, A giant chessboard, two soldiers, one person officiating. All the pawns are black. “My friend, I am the enemy that you killed." (Wilfred Owen, 1918) Looking Like (Apollinaire is Moorish) Letter to Lou/Letter from the War Front/wounded at the front + To Violetta reading, drawing, singing (performance created at the book fair in Nice in 2006) The art of entrenching - A short theoretic and technical statement. History, advantages and drawbacks of the trench. Tools, conception, practical guide “The admiral is looking for a house to rent” Real estate slideshow and vanished villages (broadcasting)/Cravan, Entropy, Wikipedia (reading), Kulture (by stormy weather) News of the literary, musical, artistic world of the time, off beat today, with a background of cannonading and as a debate Calling to arms (and all of it) (...)