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Toilet paper

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Garage 103
Garage 103
Garage 103
It’s a “political” project: not everyone participated in it, only those who were aware of the immense recovery of the “veterans” and of “the indelible pain of the families.” Each day around the official commemoration, and not the day itself, were to be made “holidays,” since it marked the end of the horrors of the industrial war of 1914-18. It was no iconoclast act, but an inaugural act of a different approach to the respect owed to the individuals. Thus, some of us decided to go down to the site. There was some fear and worry, but we wanted to affirm that a celebration was possible at any moment, on any day. And so, with reference to Nice, city of streamers and confetti, a celebratory message could be relayed by releasing rolls of something used every day: rolls of toilet paper, tossed like party streamers.

They were let go from the top of the hill of the château, just a few.

Result: no consequence, really none, because a torrential rain dissolved our sorry streamers that very evening, and it is quite possible that we were the only ones who knew we had done it. An authentic fiasco for a good antimilitarist, nonviolent, pacifist cause.

The act took place, but credit was not taken by Garage 103. Why?