'' Neuronal Architecture | A history of performance art on the Riviera from 1951 until now

Neuronal Architecture

Land art performance
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Performance Installation
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Land Art
Bruno Mendonça
Bruno Mendonça
Philippe Carbon
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inBruno Mendonça: Architectures Neuronales,éd. Z'Editions, Nice
in CATALOGUE: Bruno MENDONCA: Bibliothèques fractales, Château-Musée Grimaldi, Cagnes-sur-Mer, 7 avril - 21 mai 2006, p.67

sacs à dos peints

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sacs à dos peints

Architectures Neuronales

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23 éléments de 3
chaque élément 60 x 12 cm

documents préparatoires: dessins, repérages

Technique description référence: 
documents préparatoires: dessins, repérages

Scouting by motorcycle allowed me to choose one treeless hectare of a hill; only the gradients allow the tracking of sun-exposed slopes. The parts that look like tanned hides and bits of neuronal constructions (stone, ceramic fragments, fossils) are pasted onto sheets of Arches vellum and painted, and there the construction takes form. At each corner is a ribbon painted with fragments of poetry in French, English, German, and Chinese, making a connection between the constructions. They are connected with brass. At Entrevaux, I set up the neuronal architecture with backpacks, much like a nomad, and connected them on the hills, the green or yellow grass reflecting the colors and design of the Neuronal Architecture: red, pink, black, and yellow. Each backpack was installed, piece-by-piece, until the last. The photos were taken as the installations were done. Four backpacks were positioned according to the slope, the light, and the contrast between the background and the object (terrain and Neuronal Architecture).